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Summer Reset during Quarantine

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

By Dr. Marika Berni, ND

What does a reset mean?

(Re – set again or differently) A reset can mean:

  1. Going back to a healthy lifestyle

  2. Revisiting a program that has worked well for you in the past

  3. Starting something completely new and different.  

Your goals may be to feel energized and motivated again, mood to improve, lose some quarantine weight, get your digestion on track, or to balance your hormones. Whatever your goals, it takes motivation to say: “today is the day I will start”! To truly reset, you must address the foundations of good health – sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.   

Here are my 7 Summer Reset tips

1. Clean up your kitchen. In order for you to actually stick to healthy changes you must make sure that there are only healthy options in the house. When you shop do NOT buy anything you are not allowed to have – I get that we all stocked up for quarantine in case, like producing chocolate was not an essential service. But these fears have passed!

2. Plan ahead. There is nothing worse than deciding that you are no longer eating certain foods, but not ensuring that there is actual food in the house that you CAN eat will lead to inevitably failure. Plan your meals and shopping ahead of time – consider some batch cooking, stock up on nuts and nut butters, make some protein balls and make certain you have appropriate options always!

2. Clean up your diet. You can either rip off the band aid quickly and follow an elimination diet for a few weeks, or you can start by assessing what your downfall is (mine is cookies) and decide no -insert food- for 2 weeks. See how that goes. Once you have mastered that consider adding one or more of these suggestions:

  1. Eliminating sugar for one week, then move on to cutting out highly processed and refined carbohydrates (no white pasta, rice, crackers, chips  -no junk food, etc.)

  2. Reducing caffeine and alcohol (Yikes!)

  3. Reducing or eliminating red meat and fried foods. The reduction of saturated fat will reduce the inflammation in your body.

  4. Limiting your carbohydrate intake (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, quinoa, oatmeal) to one serving daily. This is a tough one!

  5. Ensuring adequate protein intake – aim for around 20 grams per meal.  Healthy choices include: chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, eggs, beans, organic tofu and tempeh, natural greek yogurt. Consider replacing one of your meals with a protein shake (vegan or whey isolate protein powder, greens, frozen berries, fiber such as chia, hemp or ground flax seed and a healthy fat like almond butter or avocado).

3. Focus on food quality vs quantity. Supporting your system with nutrient dense whole foods is what will get your metabolism back on track and help you feel more satiated.

Fill your plate with fresh produce – or as I tell my kids “alive foods”.  Eat as many plant-based foods as possible. Leafy greens and colourful vegetables and increase fiber rich foods. This will slow down the influx of sugar into your blood stream and help your body eliminate unwanted toxins and harmful hormones.  

4. Stay hydrated. Summer fruits like berries have a high water and fiber content, both of which make you feel full with fewer calories. Snack on watermelon, honey dew or cantaloupe. Start your day with a big glass of water first thing every morning. Try brewing green or herbal teas and pour over ice for a refreshing iced tea throughout the day. Staying hydrated will  increase you energy and focus, as well as reduce your cravings.  

5. Sleep. I keep harping on this, I know.  But you will have way less cravings and more will-power if you get eight solid hours every night. So if your sleep routine has gone off the rails due to quarantine, set your alarm twice: one to remind you to get to bed at night and the other to wake you up in the morning, this will get yourself back on track!  

6. Exercise. Aim for 30-40 minutes every other day or 5 days a week. If you are starting from scratch begin with walking.

Consider Run Walking. Choose a circuit in your neighborhood and follow the following guidelines to build up your stamina:

  1. The Beginner: Run for 15 to 30 seconds. Then walk for one to two minutes

  2. The Intermediate: Run for two to five minutes. Then walk for one to two minutes.

  3. The Experienced: Run for eight to ten minutes. Then walk for 30-second to one full minute. To guarantee success find a buddy, track your progress and be sure to set goals – challenge yourself!

If you are a serial exerciser and have fallen off the wagon, or have fallen out of routine since the quarantine you need to pivot or find a new way to get your exercise since your fitness studio has closed, here are a few free live stream options on Instagram:

  1. @Alessiasculpt

  2. @yogatreestudios

  3. @Citydancecorps

  4. @sweatandtonic

  5. @saana_yoga

  6. @barryscanada

7. Manage your stress. This is one of the most important tips.  Acknowledge that this unique experience has been a significant stressor.  Implement strategies to minimize the negative impact of the stress on your body– namely through the hormone cortisol. Sleep, exercise, unplug occasionally, and meditate daily. Consider adaptogenic herbal support, B vitamins, magnesium and extra vitamin C if you are struggling. You may not be able to eliminate your stress right now, but you can support your body and mental health through this difficult time.  Remember that even a small change can have a profound effect on your health and well-being. Most of these are sustainable habits that you can keep for a lifetime! 

What’s Next?

If you need help ‘resetting’ your health goals or yourself in general, Dr. Marika Berni is here to support you! Book in for a follow up visit and you will get:

  1. Nutritional support – Dr. Marika Berni has created a 2 week diet plan that includes recipes shared from Marika personally. This will make the nutrition part simple! 

  2. Supplement support – During your follow-up Dr. Marika Berni will also make recommendations, as indicated, to support the specific area you are struggling with for instance – motivation, energy, digestion, sleep, metabolic support, or hormonal balance.

  3. Accountability – Sometimes it helps to be accountable to someone – we can set up check-ins to ensure you are staying on track.  These have been exceptional circumstances and everyone needs support right now!


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