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Reacting to cats and dogs? BIE can help!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

By Jennifer Ide, R.BIE, CNP

Do you have that problem, where every time you go over to your friend’s place, you have to brace yourself for the inevitable watery eyes, itchy skin and nasal congestion because your friend owns a pet? Or, have you ever wanted to own a pet, but can’t, because you react to them? Well in this article; find out how my client no longer reacts to her cat!

When I first met my client, she was on the verge of giving away Blu, her sphynx cat. She couldn’t keep him. She constantly broke out in rashes, woke up barely able to breathe, and had watery/itchy eyes all the time.

Blu, client’s Sphynx cat

I explained that I am a BIE Practitioner and that I help my clients eliminate certain intolerances using frequencies. She was immediately intrigued and wanted to know more since she really wanted to keep Blu! I told her that I could use BIE to imprint the frequency of Blu’s skin, saliva and urine onto her body. This way, her body could recognize the frequency of Blu and realize that he isn’t “harmful” and, therefore, not react.

My client didn’t know if BIE was going to work, but she was open to giving it a try. So, she booked an appointment and brought in samples of Blu’s skin (she just took a Q-tip and swabbed his skin), his litter, his toys and his little sweater. I tested her on all these samples, and sure enough, she tested positive.

Before and after results from 3 BIE sessions

I then imprinted the frequencies of Blu onto her and just after three BIE sessions:

  1. No more rashes

  2. No more nasal congestion

  3. No more watery and itchy eyes

Not only did my client manage to keep Blu, she also bought another sphynx cat!

What is BIE and how does it work?

BIE stands for BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination. It is a safe, non-invasive technology that eliminates intolerances. It does this by imprinting the frequency of a substance onto the body by using a patented device.

The imprinting of the frequencies “re-educates” the body on the identity of a particular substance that the body currently thinks is “harmful.” Once the body relearns the identity of the substance, and no longer sees the substance as “harmful” or threatening, the body knows how to respond appropriately, alleviating the person of their associated symptoms.

What’s next?

If you are reacting to your pet and no longer want to suffer frustrating symptoms, or have always wanted a pet, but haven’t been able to get one because you react, book a BIE appointment with me!

Simply call the clinic at 416-214-9251. I would love to help you!


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