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Adult Sleep Consulting

Sleep is a complex, critical, biological process that we need in order for our minds and bodies to function and stay healthy.  When we sleep well in terms of quality and quantity, all of our bodies’ systems are optimized for best performance - that includes brain function, stress management, physical health and hormone regulation.

Adult Sleep Consulting


  • Falling asleep?

  • Staying asleep?

  • Shutting down your busy mind or racing thoughts at night?

  • Waking too early?

  • Not getting enough sleep?

  • Feeling like you have unrefreshed sleep?

  • Feeling exhausted during the day?

  • Restless or twitching legs?

  • Snoring or pauses in your breathing?

  • Nightmares?



As a sleep coach, I help you understand how your sleep patterns, behaviours, lifestyle choices and other conditions may be impacting your sleep and daytime functioning and I help you apply evidence-based solutions that are simple, specific, achievable and long-lasting. 


Sleep is a natural function of the human body and we are fundamentally designed to sleep well.  When people experience sleep challenges, it’s often due to stress, disruptive behaviour or lifestyle habits that have been ingrained over a long period of time.  It may also be due to medical issues or nutritional or hormonal imbalances.  In some cases, a combination of factors are involved.

Through a thorough, holistic investigation of your sleep patterns and other aspects of your life, I shine a light on the contributing factors that may be affecting your sleep.  From there, I work with you to develop an action plan and set behavioral and lifestyle targets that are practical, manageable, individualized, and that over time, will be the anchors that facilitate long-term, healthy sleep.


Initial Assessment and Consultation

After completing a comprehensive assessment to help me learn more about your sleep goals and challenges, we’ll connect over a 90-minute consultation to start developing your personalized plan.


Sleep Action Plan

We’ll develop a personalized sleep plan based on your sleep goals and I’ll provide guidance on how to implement these manageable daily changes to optimize your sleep.


Up to Three Follow-Up Sessions

During our 45 minute follow-up sessions, we’ll discuss what’s working, celebrate your breakthroughs, build upon your progress and create a plan of action for any areas of improvement.


Ongoing Support and Education

You’ll receive helpful educational resources specific to your unique sleep challenges to supplement your sleep plan and I'll be available for unlimited email support.


Additional Follow-Up Sessions

Should you require, additional follow-up sessions are available as needed.



What is a Sleep Coach?

Sleep: The 3rd Pillar of Health

Factors that Affect Sleep

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What's Next?

Speak to Talia Shapero about Adult Sleep Consulting

Having been a teacher and educator for the past 15 years, Talia's professional background is based on helping others reach their full potential. She loves to learn, teach, and help others reach their sleep goals.

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