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My practice is built on ensuring that each client is able to increase their quality of life. Being a mother of two children and having to balance so many different roles, I recognize and can relate to many individuals who are trying to find balance in their life. I work together with my client’s to ensure they have a voice and feel heard. It’s a difficult process, to open up to an individual and I see the hesitation many people have been seeking the right therapist for them. My goal is to be compassionate, empathetic and ensure my clients feel heard and I want to ensure I provide them with a safe place. Sometimes It’s not just about mental health or stigma, but more so about progressing in recognizing your interpersonal growth. 


As a therapist I work hard to build trust with my clients while they share confidential information with me and are open to being vulnerable. I understand this is not an easy task for many individuals and being south Asian I am able to relate to a lot of my clients. I am very passionate about working with each of my clients and want to ensure they get the most out of their sessions with me. As a therapist, please be assured that I will be compassionate and will be mindful that every person’s journey is their own. 

My goal is for my clients to feel they can gain new perspective in living their lives and through using different therapy models I strive to ensure I help my clients with the right tools. I’ve worked with people suffering from mental health including depression, anxiety, isolation and understand the struggles many people face. Isolation is a very big issue in my community and my goal is to help minimize it so people feel supported through being empathetic and compassionate. I will work with you to ensure you feel like your quality of life is improving so I invite you to connect with me. 


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If you'd like to book a complimentary meet & greet with Preeti Taneja, please give us a call at 647-492-6214 or book it online by clicking the button below!

Preeti Taneja, MSW, RSW

Anxiety & Depression | Grief & Loss Overwhelming Emotions & Stress | Family & Relationship Difficulties | Self-Image & Self-Esteem Issues | Childhood Trauma & PTSD Addiction | Self-Harm Behaviour Suicidal Ideation | Mood & Personality Disorders 
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