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Dr. Erinn Musial, ND

Mental health | Anxiety | Depression | OCD | Addiction | Pain management | Thyroid Health | Burnout | Fatigue | Stress management | Immune health


My goal when working with patients is to empower them to take control of their own health. I believe in educating patients about what’s going on in their body, to understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come. My approach is rooted in understanding the healing power nature, while using both research and traditional medicine to help regain balance within the mind and body. My true passion lies in mental health care, helping others step out of a difficult place and into their full potential.


I know first-hand what a difference the right tools and support can provide when dealing with something that is too overwhelming to face alone. I love empowering others to find their peace and joy, and I am so grateful for the ability to share my knowledge in such a profound way.


Clinical focus:

While I have experience treating a wide variety of health concerns, my practice is dedicated to mental health support, depression, anxiety, OCD, addictions, and pain management. I also have extensive experience with burnout, immune health and fatigue. Additional conditions I have experience working with include:

- Thyroid conditions

- Digestive concerns, IBS, and IBD

- Diabetes and insulin resistance

- Hormonal imbalances (PCOS, menstrual health, libido changes)

- Insomnia

- Anemia/nutritional deficiencies

- Injury recovery and pain relief

- Sports nutrition

- And more!

The formal version



Dr. Erinn is a Naturopathic Doctor providing care to the Toronto area, as well as virtual care throughout the province of Ontario. Erinn completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics at StFX University. She always had

an interest in how the body works and understanding how movement impacts our overall health. With a need to know more, she discovered the naturopathic program and instantly fell in love with the philosophy and principles of the profession. She attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, and formed a keen interest in the mind body connection, and how mental and physical health cannot be separated. She participated in the sports medicine focus shift in her intern year at CCNM, furthering her interest in pain management, while also diving into her true passion of mental health care.

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