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So, what would working together look like? The process is truly collaborative; we work together to consider your current patterns and explore how they may be connected to various times or parts of your life. In gaining an understanding of how you experience things and your characteristic ways of engaging with the world, treatment is tailored to work best for you and the results you'd like to see in therapy.


As a relational therapist, I am non-judgmental, creating a space for humanness and safe exploration to support you through life transitions, coming to terms with previous traumas (including sexual assault), searching for meaning and purpose, struggling with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship challenges, and complex grief (including childhood loss).  We can explore how attachment and family systems shape our relational instincts and capacity to identify and regulate emotion and move toward improving well-being, mindfulness, self-esteem, impulse-control, and personal growth.


Psychodynamic | Existential | Emotion-Focused | Evidence-based | Trauma-informed

LGBTQ2A+ friendly. Fostering a safe space for all of who you are and who you are becoming, respect for the many parts of ourselves, acknowledging one’s neurodiversity, gender, sexual, racial, and ethnic identities.


Book Now

If you'd like to book a complimentary meet & greet with Sarah Malleau, please give us a call at 647-492-6214 or book it online by clicking the button below!

Sarah Malleau, RP

Anxiety & Depression | Mood Disorders | ADHD | Coping Skills | Grief & Loss | Suicidal Thoughts | Relational Challenges | Anger Management | Family Conflict | Self-Esteem | Self-Care | Sexual Abuse | Substance Use 
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