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Lisa Schick was in the travel industry for 25 years in various roles with airlines, cruise ships, event planning and as an Independent Travel Agent focusing on luxury and wellness travel. The experience of living and working in Afghanistan while providing travel services to Canadian soldiers, really changed Lisa’s outlook on how precious life is, and she knew she wanted to do more to help others. 

Lisa has always focused on alternative health practices and started making changes for her own health that started with changing her water. Lisa has focused on proper hydration and how just changing your water can improve your health.  

The health of her daughter and family made health and wellness become a priority in her life. When she had live blood done on herself, it was a big eye-opening experience, and she was passionate about becoming a live blood analyst and improving her own health. Now that she is a certified Live Blood Analyst, she can share this passion with others to improve their health. 

Lisa is currently based out of two Toronto locations working with Naturopathic clinics. 

Lisa Schick, LBA

LBA provides immediate insight into current health through a single drop of blood. This method can identify conditions such as: 
Parasites | Yeast | Inflammation Stress Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies | Allergies Toxin Overload | Acidity
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