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High performance isn’t just about your diet or your mental health, it is a result of a combination of your diet, mental health, sleep practices, managing environmental toxins, exercise and your emotional supports. When our sleep, diet, mental health practices or another aspect of our lives is out of balance with the rest we often see symptoms manifesting that demonstrate our health is suffering because of it.  


You can be a high performer in any area of your life, the office, with your family, your fur-babies (I am a huge dog lover) or any other part of your life if you have the tools to keep your body, mind and spirit is a state of homeostasis (true balance). 


I have been in the mental health space for 16 years and understand the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR and lived experience and teach people coping skills to manage stress, anxiety, depression and trauma. I have been in the alternative health space for over 10 years and because of my corporate experience, I understand how hard it is to manage cooking healthy meals, getting a workout in and doing it all while still being successful at work. I have also struggled with my weight for the majority of my life, a recovering yo-yo dieter, and have had to figure out how to get to and sustain a healthy weight and my health in general while dedicating most of my life to my job. 


Through my 16 years of mental health experience, working with corporations to run mental health workshops, keynote speaking on mental health, and running mental health programs through my non-profit, Jeboah Miranda Foundation, I understand mental health both deeply and broadly. 


I also lost my two brothers Ricardo and Isaac to suicide when I was 16 and 17 years old and had to teach myself how to cope with the trauma in a time where mental health was drowning in stigma and shame. 


Along the way I worked in the corporate space for companies such as the Royal Bank of Canada, General Electric, Newell Brands and others, and understand the pressure and intensity of what it’s like to work in the corporate sector, wanting to achieve and be successful, while still wanting to be healthy and mentally okay…and either avoiding or coming back from…burnout. 


I eventually decided to compliment my mental health background and my formal Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Business from McGill University and the University of Ottawa with Holistic Nutrition by studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. At IHN I learned the ideal way of eating to support and alleviate various health conditions, achieve high performance goals and achieve ultimate fitness goals while also learning how to make herbal medicine, Ayurveda, how environmental toxins affect our health and which toxins cause different diseases within our bodies, homeopathy and symptomatology all tailored to individual clients’ needs, like yours.  


When you work with me, the time we spend together is all about accomplishing your goals. I am here to guide you in any way that you need and will help you to achieve any goal that you may have.  


We can spend our time together focusing mostly on mental health support, we can focus mostly on nutrition and creating a plan to better your health through your daily food choices, supplementation, herbals and other modalities that may be needed, or we can create a hybrid plan that supports both your mental health and nutritional needs. 


Whatever your goals are, we can achieve them so long as you are ready to put in the work and trust the process. I look forward to being the passenger as you drive your car of health! 


What I’m Passionate About: 


  • Sleep, exhaustion and insomnia – crucial for success in any area of our lives 

  • Energy levels, concentration and high-performance in our jobs, in our families, in our relationships, during our workouts 

  • Managing stress, anxiety, depression and trauma through coping skills and nutrition 

  • Getting to and sustaining a healthy body weight while working long hours and living a fairly sedentary lifestyle  

  • Gut health, irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bowel disease  

  • Canine (dog) nutrition – I grew up with dogs, I am in love with my current dog Dolce and I have dedicated years to researching canine nutrition; this led to me Founding Pawlistic Pals, a canine nutrition company focused on manufacturing species-appropriate supplements for dogs; 1 in 2 dogs over 10 will develop cancer and it is my mission to reverse this by educating pet parents on healthy food choices for their dogs and creating supplements to support what our nutrition lacks  

  • Keynote Speaking on mental toughness, creating high-performance cultures and health and wellness  

  • Staying on top of the latest research and health updates – I love to constantly learn 

  • Writing – I currently write for Canprev supplements on how to treat various health conditions; although with my clients, I am supplement brand agnostic  

  • Helping young women ages 16-24 to become mentally tough and to never see suicide as an option; I am doing this through my non-profit Jeboah Miranda Foundation with support from our various national partners (RBC, Canadian Red Cross, Desjardins and others) and the universities we work with all across Canada;  

  • Blazer mobile app: the mobile application I built and launched to help young women ages 16-24 make friends, find and connect with mentors, and give and get peer-to-peer mental health support to address the loneliness epidemic, the mental health crisis, and to help women get to a place of true equality in their careers and in their personal lives 

  • Entrepreneurship: I have been an entrepreneur since I was 15 years old; I love the challenge of teaching myself how to be successful in any new space and how to be better in existing spaces, especially mental health and the wellness space  


Conditions of Focus: 


My clinical focus supports high-performance and the areas of our health that lead to or prevent this, which includes: 

  • Sleep, exhaustion and insomnia  

  • Energy levels and concentration 

  • Managing stress, anxiety, depression and trauma  

  • Weight management (gaining or losing weight and sustaining the progress) 

  • Burnout 

  • Anxiety, depression, stress, trauma 

  • Digestive disorders: IBS, IBD, Gut health  

  • (If your condition is not listed here, please ask!) 


The Formal Version: 


Jeboah Miranda studied Psychology and Business at McGill University and the University of Ottawa and went on to graduate from her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction. While working in the corporate space she won many awards and accolades at RBC, GE and Newell brands while getting promoted along the way and mentoring colleagues and her direct team on their performance. 


She studied Digital Marketing Management at the University of Toronto and went on to be a guest lecturer there. She also became a Board Director at Youth Assisting Youth to help support under-represented and under-served youth all across the Greater Toronto Area. 


Jeboah did this while Founding and running Jeboah Miranda Foundation, a non-profit that seeks to prevent women-identifying youth suicide while working diligently to advance women into senior leadership positions and create a truly equitable society, all across Canada. 


Jeboah has been featured on City TV, Global News, CBC, the Montrealer, Calgary Child Magazine and on and in many other publications, radio stations, podcasts and on TV as a mental health expert. 


She Founded Blazer mobile application in 2021 to help women ages 16-24 to make friends, find and connect with women-identifying mentors (if you’re looking to get involved in charity, please sign up as a mentor!) and to give and get peer-to-peer mental health support. 


Jeboah is an international Keynote Speaker, a writer for Canprev, and a proud dog-mom to her beautiful and sweet dog, Dolce. 


When she’s not working or playing with her dog you can find Jeboah in the gym weight training, going on hikes, singing, cooking, traveling or engaging in some new and exciting local activity, like axe throwing! 


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Jeboah Miranda

Sleep - Exhaustion & Insomnia  | Energy levels & concentration | Managing stress - Anxiety, Depression & Trauma |  Weight Management | Burnout ​| Digestive Disorders

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