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Laura is an Honours graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. To complement her nutrition education she trained as a Live Blood Cell Microscopic Analyst. She has also studied at the University of British Columbia and completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. 
Laura combines her love of children and family with her passion for healthy living, holistic nutrition and human connection. She began her nutrition journey when she had her children. All four were born with different food sensitivities and health issues, so Laura had to learn how to feed and support them to help them thrive. She now uses her education and her own family experience raising four food-sensitive children to compassionately support families to take charge of their health. 
After completing her education in nutrition, Laura was introduced to live blood cell analysis – an amazing tool that quickly determines nutritional deficiencies, malabsorption issues, sugar imbalances, the presence of damaging bacteria and parasites as well as yeast, and other fungus. Laura used live blood cell analysis to help her family stay on track with their health and then trained to become an analyst herself with Microcell. Laura incorporates Live Blood Cell Analysis in her practice as it offers instant feedback for her clients and a great starting point for their specific targeted nutrition plans. 
Laura offers Live Blood Cell Analysis, one-on-one nutrition coaching, manageable meal plans, easy cooking lessons, grocery store tours and lots of healthy time-saving tips for busy families. She enjoys working with people of all ages to support them on their health journey. 

Laura Hughes, LBA

LBA provides immediate insight into current health through a single drop of blood. This method can identify conditions such as: 
Parasites | Yeast | Inflammation Stress Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies | Allergies Toxin Overload | Acidity
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